Baron Sainsbury of Preston Candover (AKA John Sainsbury) employs TwistedPair to advise, install and maintain an Avaya telephone system to serve his main London residence.

The former Chief executive of Sainsburys was so impressed with the service he received following a similar installation by TwistedPair at his Preston Candover Manor home, he instructed them to replicate the solution in London.

The Solution

Lord Sainsbury had a clear vision of what he was looking to achieve and made no bones about what he expected from the system and from us. Our experience in telecommunications and wireless networks allowed us to present an excellent option from Avaya – the IP500 which ticked all the boxes for mobility, ease of use and reliability – of course we had no problem with high expectations – we give the same excellent service to all of our customers.


Having been a buyer early in his career at J Sainsburys, he knows how to get a good deal and he drove a hard bargain. He even said he thought we were expensive! however once we demonstrated the value of the solution we had proposed and demonstrated what he could expect from our support team he was comfortable to instruct us.

Avaya IP500
Second installation
Just another happy customer

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