Its our year end – and what a year it has been! With multiple awards and record financial results TwistedPair are bracing themselves for a bumper 2014!

TwistedPair has seen its profits grow year on year for the last 5 years and with over £1m of additional revenue in 2013 alone backed by two prestigious awards we really are excited about the future.

The Brand Refresh
We all loved the old TwistedPair logo and brand and it has served us very well, but now in our 10th year we thought it was about time we refreshed our branding to express where the business is at now and where we are taking her in the next 10 years. We do hope you like it.

The Website
These days a website is the equivalent of a shop front, we have gotten by with our old site for quite a few years, but you would have struggled to find out about all the exciting things we offer unless you were blessed with an abundance of time and patience!

Our new website has been designed to help new and existing customers to understand our business and what we offer at a glance, with examples and references – with the aim of course of enticing them through the front door to discover all the treats within!

2013 has delivered:
Record Growth
Happy customers
Happy staff
Exciting future

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