Given that it is one of our areas of expertise, we here at TwistedPair like to try and stay abreast of developments in the world of data transfer. There has been another one this summer by the clever bunnies at Bell Labs, the research arm of Alcatel-Lucent, who have just transmitted data over copper wire at a speed 8 times faster than the previous record.

Of course, you can’t buy the formula one cars for the commute and the same is true of these experimental data transmission technologies. However, they do believe this achievement may one day translate into 1 Gbps symmetrical service in the ‘real world’ of tomorrow. So there may be life in copper yet.

And there needs to be. The fibre option is far from universally available at the moment and any development to increase the speed of the existing copper infrastructure will help meet the challenge presented by a demand for higher bandwidth, currently growing at about 35% every year in the UK.

These developmental speeds are still a little way off in the future though and if you are one of the companies driving this growth you may need something better now. Fibre to the cabinet, Ethernet over FTTC and EFM can all improve on the basic ADSL and ADSL2+ many are still using. Even if these are not an option for you yet, the Annex-M bolt on might offer an inexpensive improvement to your current upload speeds.

So if you’re stuck in the ‘real world’ of today with the rest of us and not getting the performance you need or you just want to know your options, then TwistedPair are ready and waiting to consult with you on the fastest (and best value) options available to your business now. We’ll even advise you on how the different technologies might prove themselves as a long term investment, in case the ‘real world’ of tomorrow really is just a day away.

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