August 16, 2014. Another day in the life of TwistedPair. The 3648th day in fact. (That’s 10 years if you’re reading this before your first coffee.)


And so it was. All the above with bite size meals of fish and chips, bubble and squeak and all sorts of puds. A band of course, the Southsea Alternative Choir. Toby and Adam in their stand out white moustache print suits. Bobby in his local bobby hat, blue light flashing. Neil in a whole costume!

Toby and Adam, the twisted pair themselves, reminiscing on their first meeting, the desk and a half in the pig shed where it all started. Thanks to all and pressie and flowers for those most special few, then on with the guitar and oversized glasses for the big Elton John number to finish.

Four pale moons shimmering on the water. So you know the beginning, and the middle and the consensus is there must have been an end. But that is all I shall tell. Oh, and the romance you ask? Suffice to tell you the office is discussing adding matchmaking to our list of professional services.

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