Ever been frustrated that the kids won’t budge from the TV when it’s a beautiful day outside? Ever threatened to get rid of it knowing you won’t? Wouldn’t it be good if you could roll it up and put it away? Well, hang in there, that may soon be an option.

LG have been working on just such a thing and were showing prototypes off at the CES trade show. One of these, an 18 inch LG OLED paper-thin TV panel, could be rolled into a tube just 3 cm wide… without the 1200 x 810 resolution image becoming distorted. And that’s just the start. The company are confident they will produce a 60 inch Ultra-HD version by 2017.

But other than falling out with your children every sunny Saturday morning, what is the point of them? Wile E. Coyote would have had some thoughts, assuming the Acme Corporation could develop the same technology for trapping The Road Runner, but back in the real world?

Obviously a scalable screen does have many applications. It could be deployed fairly easily in confined spaces such as the backs of cars and aeroplanes to great advantage. And as a less complex and quieter alternative to projectors and screens they could eventually send them the way of the typewriter (a what?).

The portability would be hugely useful for temporary AV requirements such as exhibition displays. And the flexibility and portability would combine well for creative merchandising in retail spaces. More? How about wearing them. YouTube – the new black! No squinting at a smartwatch if you can have a smartsleeve. And breath new life into your old denim jacket with a smartpatch. So long as no one hacks mine to read ‘Kick Me!’.

Not available just yet I’m afraid and they’ll be a bit pricey to begin with but we can keep you posted on all that if you get in touch.

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