Jubilee Library is the main public library in Brighton and forms the centrepiece of the Jubilee square development in central Brighton.

Jubilee Library were looking for a solution which would guarantee privacy and confidentiality to users looking to hire the meeting and conference room spaces at the library.

Working in partnership with Sound Directions, a UK distributor for Cambridge Sound Management, it was decided that the Qt® Series of Sound Masking would best suit clients needs – to introduce additional layers of sound to an environment, tuned to the frequencies and amplitudes of human speech, the sound masking solution from Cambridge Sound Management masks excessive speech noise and allows environments where it is introduced to become more private, comfortable and free of excessive distractions.

“The sound masking solution provided by TwistedPair is very easy to operate and speech intelligibility outside of the rooms is markedly reduced since the system came in to operation.”

– Louise Millard, Jubilee Library

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