With an increasing focus on spaces being enabled for technology, we’ve found many of our clients are looking at ways for their ‘tech’ to be either invisible OR blended aesthetically within their chosen room design.

This trend is being led by ‘big hitters’ Apple and Google who are now creating products for the residential market which have a softer design focus, in-turn influencing the product engineers and designers for the commercial environment too.

This is where the value of TwistedPair becomes clear, as we understand it is not just about functioning technology but something that fits your technical specification and office aesthetic ideas, your working environment and your companies culture, vision and values. Considering all these areas of influence and delivering innovative solutions for an array of clients is what we do best.

But don’t just take our word for it…

For over 13 years we’ve been installing communication solutions to business in the UK, EMEA and now at a global scale, here’s what Vonage had to say about our project together >> Making Vonage Better Connected!


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