How the Best Video Conferencing Equipment Can Take Your Business Success to the Next Level


What are some of the factors which serve to define an effective business meeting? Does this concept centre around the most efficient video conferencing (VC) equipment, are the needs of the participants the top priority or will modern technology take centre stage? In truth, all three of these concepts need to be used in conjunction with each other if you are hoping to make a lasting impression. Seamless technological integration needs to work in synergy with the ability to provide everybody with an interactive experience. If you have been disappointed with run-of-the-mill video conferencing software, Zoom Rooms will represent a breath of fresh air.

So, what can you expect to enjoy from this professional video conferencing platform?


What Do Zoom Rooms Have in Store?

One of the most important problems we find with many video conferencing systems is their lack of reliability. While they might work great in the office, they could suddenly crash when out and about. Not only is this frustrating from a communications point of view, but such issues might reflect negatively upon your company. Regardless of where you might be, Zoom Room setups will provide an unparalleled sense of reliability.


Your Needs When You Need Them the Most

Business success is all about the finer points. While cookie-cutter systems might offer standard options, the fact is we need to exist and stand out within this constantly evolving corporate world. Zoom Rooms has left little to chance in terms of the amenities on offer. Some of these innovative solutions include:

  • A bespoke room booking system.
  • The ability to easily share wireless content.
  • Audio-only conferencing options.
  • The possibility to record meetings.
  • A remote control touchscreen.

These and other collaborative tools will enable typical “conference room video conferencing” to represent a much more interactive experience. In turn, allowing participants to gain more information from the presentation itself and capturing (and holding) the attention of the viewer.

Let’s also not fail to mention there is now a Zoom Rooms application specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the iPad. This provides the user with even greater latitude in regards to flexibility when executing a meeting. If you have been looking for the best video conferencing software you have come to the right place. However, we are not nearly finished!


All About the Customer

A key element of success within the business community is the possibility to adapt to changing circumstances. Although the advantages of VC are clear, it is just as important to implement them in the correct manner. Once again, Zoom Rooms have left nothing to chance in regards to the end-user experience.

All video and audio feeds are presented in high definition; very important during any presentation. The need for cables is gone with thanks to an integrated wireless capability. Meetings can be initiated with a single voice command and remote participants are able to join with a single click. Gone are the days of lengthy registration processes, sluggish frame rates and slow conferencing packages. Welcome to a brave new world!


Delivering Continuous Quality Improvement

TwistedPair appreciates the needs of the modern business. We are committed to providing our growing customer base with a variety of products that revolve around their unique requirements. We also understand that possessing the appropriate video conference software will often make the difference between a memorable presentation and information that is quickly forgotten.

Does your current software leave much to be desired? If your company and vision require nothing but the best video conferencing we are here to help. We also understand you might have questions. So, be sure to contact a member of our sales team who will be happy to discuss the options available. The future of professional video conferencing software is here today!

Will your business be the next to take advantage of Zoom Rooms? Get in touch!

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