It is no secret that the world of audio-visual technology is evolving quickly. While this equipment is often crucial within the modern office, choosing the correct products can be difficult. Not only must AV ‘tech’ be relevant for the customer and their needs, it should also not be limited to a specific operational environment. In other words, what works well in one office should just as easily be able to adapt to another situation. Here at TwistedPair we fully appreciate the impacts that these changes can have on start-up businesses and it is for this reason that we are proud to launch later this month, our new Opex Bundles.

Flexibility At It’s Finest

Our Opex Bundles allow a business to meet it’s normal AV operational requirements without breaking the bank. With a level of flexibility you’re unlikely to find elsewhere, everything is tailored to suit the customer’s individual needs and we ensure the service, including installation, goes as smoothly as possible. Our packages are completely tailored and bespoke to suit the end user’s individual requirements.

We work to identify a customers budget and ensure we create the most suitable package option that’s not just for them right now, but that will also fit with their future requirements. A bonus of taking on one of our Opex packages, is that we’ll be offering the financial flexibility to either upgrade or install a solution today which the customer may otherwise have had to wait for. Smaller or start up businesses will especially benefit from this flexibility.

Eliminating Financial Restrictions

Many companies, particularly start-up businesses and smaller organisations, are more likely to face limitations with capital expenditure. Unfortunately, this can often signify that the proper audio-visual solutions are not installed due to concerns with budgets. These situations have had an impact on how daily operations are conducted. Examples include:  

  • The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement.
  • Flexible locations and working hours (sometimes referred to as “hot desking”).
  • Discrete and personalised work environments as opposed to larger offices and boardrooms.

The main issue here is how these and other requirements can be met without forcing a company to spend more than is realistic during a given time period. Furthermore, how can a business install cutting-edge AV technology in order to keep ahead of the competition? TwistedPair has placed a great deal of thought into these questions and as a direct result, the new Opex Bundle idea was born.

Bundles at a Glance

For the customer, our Opex Bundles boast advantages such as:

  • Vendor-agnostic technology focused around functionality.
  • The ability to reduce time during the evaluation process.
  • Simple and user-friendly technology solutions.
  • Multiple contract durations and pricing plans.
  • Optional service level agreements and maintenance packages.
  • The possibility to refresh your technology at the end of the period.
  • Option to own the technology at the end of the period.

Pricing Plans

Each of our Opex Bundles are based off of recurring monthly pricing plans for a duration of three, four or five years. Prices start from as little as £150 per month, under one of three available bundle options:

  • Huddly (Bronze Package): Virtual content sharing.
  • Zoom (Silver Package): Software-based conferencing solutions.
  • Spark (Gold Package): Team wide collaboration software.

Our Opex Bundles will enable the client to purchase top-shelf AV solutions without being hindered by capital limitations. TwistedPair is pleased to offer this exciting new service, available later this month and with such flexible options should define the different ways small businesses and start-up companies approach their AV.

If you are looking to install cutting edge technology in your business and would like to find out more, please contact one of our Technology Consultants on 08000 93 80 60 or drop us an email to

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