In terms of customer service there is no room for second-tier telephony in contact centre environments.

51 per cent of all customers who have a negative experience will never contact a specific company in the future (1).

Firms that hope to enjoy long-term success will need to appreciate this concept.

So, how can top standard customer service be ensured? Are there any systems that stand out? As experts in telephonic communications we’ve found that through our expertise and those of our partners, that we provide a perfect solution for the modern contact centre, with a user-friendly and flexible twist. Our offering will allow contact centre customers the chance to deal with the right people at the right times!

But what makes our framework so special?

An Attended Customer is a Happy Customer

Have you ever been placed on hold for a considerable amount of time only to be transferred to the wrong department? We live in a fast-paced world and such errors should no longer be present within any system. Our solution provides what is known as Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) aka call routing. In other words, the correct representative is immediately placed in contact with the client. This process also known as ‘first call resolution’ will also avoid double handling. Confusion can be avoided and perhaps most importantly, the time required in order to resolve an issue is reduced. This type of efficiency will also free up your in-house resources to focus on other matters.

Improving Performance

How will you be able to correct a problem if you are unaware of its existence? Our technology provides real-time solutions in terms of activity tracking and monitoring employee performance. These reports and alerts offer the clarity and insight required to make internal adjustments without sacrificing efficiency. Another great benefit associated with this approach is that employees will remain motivated. Dynamic displays list information such as the number of calls made and the time spent per call. So, a healthy level of competition can be achieved.

Customer-Based Convenience

Call Contact Centres should address the needs of the customer as opposed to putting him or her off to future queries. Our offering provides a carefully developed an innovative approach which undoubtedly impacts levels of customer service. In the event that a client cannot wait long to speak with a representative, he or she is provided with the option to leave a message. The customer can then be contacted at a more convenient time and prioritised according to their needs. In-house resources can be directed elsewhere. Above all, the company will be provided with a more professional appearance.

Web Chat Versus Traditional Telephony

Better customer service is all about in-house efficiency. This is another factor addressed by our contact centre system. The web chat interface allows representatives to speak with up to ten times the number of clients when compared to traditional telephone communications. In the end, this signifies that problems and questions will be resolved in no time at all. Customers will remain satisfied and the talents of staff members can be more efficiently utilised.

The Power of Multimedia Input

Contact centres are no longer associated with voice-to-voice communications alone. Businesses need to be aware of input from other sources such as social media. No matter the medium Facebook, Twitter, web or text, all forms of communication received are prioritised to the most appropriate staff member and addressed in the same way as they would be for phone calls, enabling agents to address issues, queries and complaints in real time – responsiveness is key!

66 percent of consumers now feel that how a company values their time is the most important aspect in terms of brand loyalty (2).  

This is just as true within the online community. Firms which are able to proactively respond to online posts are more likely to enjoy a positive image. Let’s also not forget that these interactions can help to address avoidable issues such as negative publicity. Thankfully, these actions have been integrated into our contact centre system.

Knowing What to Expect

Even smaller businesses can experience high call volumes from time to time. Better customer service should always be associated with knowing the past history of the caller. The network we offer provides representatives with this information, they will already be familiar with any previous issues that the client has had. This enables them to better appreciate how to resolve a present situation.

If you are looking for an all-in-one telephony contact centre solution, our approach will not disappoint. This system is also highly flexible; ideal for changing to business needs. Get in touch with one of our Telephony Experts to learn more: or call on 08000 93 80 60. ‘A happy customer is a loyal customer.’




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