RWL Advanced Solutions invited the Twisted sales team to visit Panduits’ London HQ for a quick ‘sneak peak’ into some exciting new products in the pipelines.

Having gained silver partner status with Panduit, the creators of high end physical, electrical, and global network infrastructure solutions, has well placed TwistedPair at the forefront of data knowledge and as such one of the first in-line for any exciting new industry updates!

Just a few key things to share following the recent visit, the rest you will need to wait for… a small taster if you will on what’s to come…

  • 28AWG Patch Cords – Ultra thin cords which offer an innovative solution to assist in space management within racks.
    These smaller diameter cords occupy less than ½ the space of traditional patch cords, enabling simplified wire management and improved airflow, reducing pathway fill and operating costs.
  • Panduit Pan MPO Connectors – ‘Smart’ terminations that will change polarity and gender on your fibre cable assemblies on the go with the PanMPO connector.
    This unique connector helps ease migration from 10G to 40G Ethernet while keeping the installation in compliance, protect fibre infrastructure investments and improve operational efficiency to save time and money.
  • Panduit HDBase T Systems Audio Visual – As todays audio video applications require user friendly and reliable technology, these new systems have been designed for plug and play installation.
    Panduit’s HDBaseT transmitters and receivers can be used together or separately and can transmit 4K video resolutions up to 40 Meters and 1080p video resolutions up to 70 Meters – perfect for extending Audio, Video, Ethernet and power signals for applications in today’s digital buildings.

Thank you to Panduit and RWL Advanced Solutions – until next time!



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