I caught up with our Technical Director Oliver Hall to discuss the value of adapting to innovation in the Audio Visual sector, the importance of investing in technical expertise to meet future challenges and why this has directly resulted in the rise in opportunities for TwistedPair across EMEA.


Last year TwistedPair saw the largest company growth to date across all departments and divisions of the business.

When asked, Ollie Hall, Twisted Technical Director of over 4 years said, “It was an exciting year for everyone. Our investment in the addition of more talented and hard-working members of the team was both unavoidable and absolutely necessary to ensure we maintained the quality we are known for with our customers, whilst also enabling the team time to be innovative with their design of client solutions. Everybody – engineers, designers, programmers, project managers, support and more worked harder, smarter and better than ever to ensure that clients needs were met across all projects in a variety of geographies. We incurred more customers and more partners along the way too and challenged and surprised even ourselves as the year unfolded.”

I dug a little deeper into why the growth during 2018 was so significant, was this due to relationships forged externally? We know this has resulted in a better level of communication with our customers, this is undeniable. But is it only these professional networks which have directly resulted in better connected and more affordable services for our clients?

Ollie, whose career began in 2000 starting an AV Company and who has since gained over 18 years experience in the AV world, spoke first about the risks of taking an innovative approach, “We are not like a lot of other integrators, we are a communication service provider where all of our core offerings overlap, which allows a more unique approach. Team this with our business size we can be incredible flexible and agile to client requirements and timescales and this is why we’ve seen the growth we have in 2018.”

Ollie emphasised his views on how much the sector had changed over the last decade, ”There has been significant advancements in technology from when I started to work in AV 18 years ago but the biggest drive in change I have seen, is how much more tech savvy the general population is now. I think the driving factor behind this is the introduction of the smartphone. Most people these days use technology constantly and it has become second nature. This does also mean that their expectations of how a meeting space should work for example and how easy the tech should be to use has increased”, he continued, “this is where the team at TwistedPair excel, they are incredibly good at listening to our customers wishes and then designing a system that is powerful but intuitive to use. To achieve this the team has to stay up to date with new technology coming through and be given the freedom to try and test new tech in order to fully understand the benefits. As we grow as a company I can only see this getting better, as more talented individuals are added to the Twisted family.”

As the future of business communications changes and technology evolves, there is an air of confidence at TwistedPair (TP), both in the abilities of the team, within the breadth of knowledge and understanding of the industry, in the unbreakable relationships they possess with their clients and in the passion and confidence to continue to strive for more.

Ollie reflects on his part in the process as the Twisted Technical lead, responsible for the operation and management of all technical aspects of integration, both in AV and Data projects, from consultancy to design and fit, “My time at TwistedPair as TD has been extremely enjoyable and exciting. My focus is to continue to ensure we have the right environment and freedom to inspire and develop. The team spirit and hard work is the reason we have grown in reputation and size.”

Ollie concludes the interview with me by speaking about what’s to come, “We have some new faces joining the technical and projects teams within the first Q of this year and some very exciting projects coming up, both here in the UK and across EMEA. My hope for the new starters is that they blow our socks off and teach us lots of new things, as all others before them have done. 2019 is set to bring with it more success and more growth. It’s a great time to work at TwistedPair!”

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