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Here are the top 5 benefits to using a single comms provider:


1. Cost savings 
The more spent with a single supplier the more important and priority a customer you are to them.
This means that as a customer you are more likely to be able to negotiate better deals for a combined package and be offered preferential rates on a range of services.

2. Convenience is key 
Securing multiple communications services with a single provider has practical benefits, particularly with account management and billing.
Using one provider makes monitoring and controlling your spend much easier and the process on the whole is made much simpler by having a single point of contact. This will save you time!

3. Reliable support  
An aspect of service which should not be overlooked is support. Business communications are often critical to the day-to-day operation of most organisations, so with good support and maintenance options, any issues are addressed swiftly and processes put in place to avoid repercussions.
If your business communications are being handled by multiple providers, when problems arise, you could find yourself suffering from differing methods and levels of support, which could delay resolution of the problem. Using one provider ensures a faster and more efficient resolution.

 4. Compatibility issues
Many businesses choose different suppliers and this is usually down to procurement and looking at individual costs per service and not the big picture. This approach brings with it some risk that the customer will later encounter issues with compatibility.
If your systems and software are fragmented, cohesion is harder to achieve hence directly impacting productivity by making it harder for colleagues to collaborate with one another with ease. For complete satisfaction and fluidity we advise using one trusted provider for all streams of communication.

5. Service options
If your business needs a relatively sophisticated unified communications solution, for example high tech video conferencing capabilities, digital signage with wow factor, a superfast fibre network, instalment of multiple comms racks… then a single supplier should be able to provide compatible products and services, priced as a bundle to save you money.
In addition, these bundles should be flexible and capable of evolving over time to allow for future business growth. Customers should be able to add more elements as and when with ease and at a pace that suits their organisation.

In Conclusion…
Businesses should take the time to arm themselves with the information which will allow them to make the right decision that will be beneficial in the long term. Essentially, a little bit of legwork at the beginning of a relationship goes a long way in delivering long-term success. 

Looking at customer buying trends we at TwistedPair have seen an increase in the use of our multi-service bundles and then following that, an increase in overall customer satisfaction. We take full responsibility from concept stage to installation of all communications disciplines within our remit. We provide our clients with confidence in our abilities and demonstrate clear examples of our core competencies.

The management of issues and delays are dissolved and managed entirely by us, including extra cost incurred.

Don’t let your business take the hit when using multiple service providers, we offer you the platform to come and evaluate us as your next communications partner – Contact us.

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