TwistedPair Founders, Adam Glyde and Toby Woodfine, have returned from their trip to the US, feeling pumped!


The annual Twisted on Tour expedition to the US tech hub, San Francisco, to meet with some of TP’s Silicon Valley-based clients, did not disappoint.

The ‘tour’ kicked off straight from the plane with some drinks and a steak dinner with Facilitate Corporation.

After an epic sleep, the second (but first full) day started with a visit to Autodesk, a great meeting discussing past and present projects. From Autodesk to Okta, left stunned by their impressive HQ, the weather was as you would expect in sunny CA, allowing for a rooftop visit at the Dropbox San Fran office, following yet another productive meeting.

Day three, starting from LinkedIn HQ, made a cracking start with some face time with Splunk. There was just time for a delicious lunch with some faves from CH Reynolds, leaving a two-hour window to bask in the Californian sunshine. The end to a perfect day, dinner and drinks with the LinkedIn crew.

The trip also allowed for meetings with Zendesk, WeWork and Airbnb and some potential new customers too, however, we can’t give too much away just yet…



We count ourselves very lucky to be working with some great names and amazing people in the tech space!

Said, Adam Glyde – CoFounder, TwistedPair

The trip ended with a quick stopover in the Big Apple, a sneak peek into WeWork NY, where it all started for them and then on to celebrate St Patrick’s day and catch a Nicks vs Lakers basketball game.

Until next year…! #TwistedOnTour

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