It’s no surprise to find out that the audio-visual community is advancing in leaps and bounds, given the well-known advances to modern tech. It can be tricky for a business to know how to remain ahead of the game and ensure they’re embracing all that is on offer. Issues such as agility, implementation, timely upgrades and entire system overhauls can present a number of challenges. Unfortunately, there are instances when even more complications are thrown into the mix, by opting to work with multiple service providers.

Let’s take a look at why partnering with a single integrator is the most logical choice for a business to make, as well as how we at TwistedPair are able to keep your business one step ahead of the AV scene.

Sandals Resorts

Sandals took a leap into the retail market two years prior; creating their first brick-and-mortar store in the UK’s capital, with the help of TwistedPair. As the initial structure was just a shell, it was not equipped with any IT. This is very different from how the offices look and operate now. Four key areas were addressed, designed and completely built from scratch:


It was obvious that a game plan was needed from the start, numerous third-party hardware and software solutions were required. A handful of these included Avaya Telephony, Brightsign Digital Signage, Logitech Video Conferencing hardware, to name some!

What would have been the results if Sandals had opted to outsource their IT and AV needs to multiple providers? It is likely that several logistical pitfalls would have occurred within the project, that had a turn around time of just 3 months. Some potentially negative outcomes could have included:

  • A delay in project completion
  • Cost overruns
  • Confusion and stress when managing multiple providers, multiple contact points
  • Flawed and/or substandard systems. Which do not integrate seamlessly together
  • The need for further rectifications or repairs in the immediate future.

In other words, the left hand might not know what the right hand is doing. Now, magnify this phrase exponentially to fully appreciate why working with multiple providers can present more pitfalls than viable solutions.

The good news is that Sandals made the wise decision to outsource their work to TwistedPair. Not only was the project able to be completed in a mere three months, but Sandals now has access to a 24/7 support specialist from a centralised platform. In the event of a problem or an upgrade, the guesswork has been eliminated from the equation.

What are the Other Benefits of Working with a Single AV Provider?

Have you ever attempted to fit a round peg into a square hole? If so, you are well aware that compatibility can present a very real issue within our modern world. This observation is even more valid when referring to audio-visual solutions.

One of the most frustrating issues is to have access to AV hardware that is fully functional on its own but to later realise that this “cutting-edge” system is not compatible with another. This problem is actually much more common than you might believe. Not only can this result in an outwardly embarrassing situation, but it could very well prevent important day-to-day operations from taking place (such as a vital conference call with another office from across the globe, or a presentation with a key client or stakeholder!). Working with a single audio-visual services provider ensures that cross-platform integration and compatibility will not present any issues.

When Agility Really Counts

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have decided to upgrade your data cabling infrastructure as well as your servers. Unfortunately, each of these systems was installed by a different company. One firm can complete the project within a week while another is backlogged for nearly two months. The only real solution is to postpone.

On the contrary, working with a single integrator ensures that you will be able to obtain dedicated and desirable services when the time is right. A handful of additional advantages associated with this approach include:

  • Technicians will have an innate familiarity with the systems
  • Upgrades can be completed within an amenable time frame
  • The cost of the project is likely to be substantially less
  • 24/7 support can be accessed from a centralised platform

TwistedPair: Working with Efficiency and Integrity

It is no surprise that well-known companies such as Sandals, Revlon, Vonage and Airbnb, to name just a few, have trusted TwistedPair with their communications vision. Why outsource this work to multiple providers when Twisted can offer the complete package? In some cases, the concept of keeping all of your eggs within a single basket actually makes a great deal of sense.

Infographic >>> Click here.

If you would like to learn more about what TwistedPair can offer you, please contact us today!


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