At TwistedPair, we are investigating the pitfalls of the open plan office.

First, let’s look at what drew us in. Was it the minimalist design, the opportunity for more spontaneous collaboration, the reduced construction costs….? There were indeed some clear benefits.

However, the open-plan layout can be loud, right? Chaotic sometimes, and full of distractions. These are some of the things that are stopping us from enjoying this modern approach to a workplace layout; things which are preventing us from getting our work done, on time and to the high standard expected.

Following a study from Oxford Economics, 64% of employees reported that blocking out noise and distractions increased their productivity, and 52% said that it reduced errors in their work.

We can’t shout at the loud talkers to “shut up!”, nor can we stop our colleagues from using the microwave to make their lunch, “ding!”, but there are tools out there which can help to reduce distractions and boost performance.

First, let us ask, do you offer your teams a quiet place to work, space where individuals or small groups can escape the bustling main office for a higher level of focus, these could be small rooms or huddle like spaces?

By 2022, 70% of video conferencing meetings will take place in huddle rooms.

Working with Polycom, we can integrate a technology solution fit for rooms of this size and type, creating a hotbed for collaboration, creative thinking and increased productivity.

This solution, Polycom Studio, provides simple USB connectivity that works on nearly any video platform and fits to just about any budget requirements. Simply ‘plug-and-play’ for a top-spec AV performance.

Contact TwistedPair to find out about this fantastic new technology which offers intelligent features, which include; acoustic treatments and noise block technologies, removing unwanted background noises and in turn, eliminating frustrations to your open-plan workspace.

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1) “When the walls come down: How smart companies are rewriting the rules of the open workplace,” Oxford Economics.
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