In the past, the use of light-emitting diode (LED) technology was only used within extremely wealthy businesses, which were able to afford what was then such a substantial expenditure.

However, this is no longer the case. As with many other technologies within the audio-visual industry, the costs of these solutions have dropped dramatically. It, therefore, makes perfect sense, that the technicians at TwistedPair have been installing a growing number of them within the modern office.

So, why are these organisations choosing LED alternatives and what are some of the primary reasons you should consider this tech for future projects?

An Aesthetic Edge

In the past, the most common form of tech utilised during in-house presentations and within conference rooms was a Large Format Display (LFD). There were a handful of benefits associated with using this system. It was able to produce high-res images, and the LFD was comprised of a single screen; reducing complexity and cost. However, there were some drawbacks:

  • The sizes of LFD displays were limited.
  • Weight and power consumption were both high.

A large screen display equipped with LED technology does not suffer from any of these hindrances. Furthermore, LED displays are free from all bezels; audiences can enjoy a free viewing experience.

In the same respect, the brightness associated with modern LED video walls is virtually unparalleled. The same is true in regards to a resolution. This is extremely critical during more extensive presentations or when addressing an audience at a distance. Viewing issues have been all but eliminated, and yet, the advantages associated with LED display technology have only just begun.

Reliable and Cost-Effective

LED is associated with a cost-effective edge thanks to the lifespan of the units. The long lifespan is the same reason why this type of lighting is now the preferred option in many homes and industrial environments. The same is true when referring to AV presentation capabilities. This low-maintenance option will last up to 100,000 service hours (or longer), and thus, the ROI is fantastic.

One of the issues which impacted previous significant screen display technologies was pixel failure. Over time, the cascading failure of multiple pixels would often dictate that the entire display would need to be replaced. Replacement is a costly and time-consuming venture. LED display walls do not suffer from this issue.

The Ability to Display

Image burn and “ghosting” have plagued office presentations for decades. This problem, initially associated with traditional cathode ray tubes, was unavoidable due to very few alternatives until the emergence of LED. These issues were a concern within the AV community, as the lifespan of the associated displays would very often be short. Once again, the LED solutions provided by TwistedPair are not subject to any image burn or pixel ghosting. This is good news for static presentations or when information needs to be displayed for long periods.

Multiple Viewing Angles

LCDs are still widely used for large-screen presentations; however, when these screens are viewed at extreme angles, the images can become subdued and unrecognisable. With LED, you would not experience this issue. It is now possible to conduct a presentation within environments that would have otherwise been limited in terms of seating configurations. This is an ideal solution when dealing with larger audiences, at all-hands type events for example.

Scalable and Modular

Traditional large format displays, such as those associated with a single panel, were limited in terms of their dimensions. This boundary is no longer an issue thanks to LED video. These dimensions can be adjusted, and there are no limits in regards to how large an image can be projected. This technology, therefore, boasts a sense of scalability that would have been impossible to achieve in the past.

Above all, the prices associated with large-screen LED displays continue to drop as the technology advances. This is why TwistedPair has remained one step ahead of the curve once again, thanks to our ability to provide cutting-edge audio-visual solutions to clients of all sizes.

If you have been looking to achieve AV “wow” factor in your office, please take some time to contact the team at Twisted, to see what we recommend for your space: Alternatively, visit our website to learn more about LED displays:

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