Rich, real-time data, in monitoring and assessing building occupancy.

TwistedPair is offering a new Software as a Service; A sensor-based technology for measuring workplace utilisation, powered by PointGrab. This solution is designed to maximise real estate value by providing data rich workplace analytics to drive a better-utilised space while expediting a return on investment.

This aforementioned smart sensing solution provides real-time presence and utilisation data of your communal working areas, work stations and meeting room environments. This intelligence will provide information on how spaces are utilised, at what times of the day and show the real demands of a workspace, from the employees perspective.

In today’s fast-moving workplace, ‘intelligent’ buildings offer plentiful opportunities to gather intel, yet are lacking access to the technology which records efficient, real-time data of office inhabitants. With the aid of a compatible software package, Tableau, users can harness the power of this data. These smart analytics will enable technology to unleash the potential of a workspace by placing the data into a clear and meaningful format for key decision makers within your business.

Dominant global workplace trends are dictating the need for this IoT sensing platform, which is fast becoming a pillar for workspace utilisation systems and flexible workplace resolutions.

There are several reasons this sensor-led data presents valuable insight to facilities teams by monitoring single or multiple areas of interest, these include:

  • Detecting the presence of a person or persons within any given space.
  • Counting the number of people entering and exiting a workspace.
  • Monitoring movement, the bi-directional progress and flow of traffic, within a given space.

Observing occupants behaviour to reveal areas which are least or most popular. To allow us to understand better how these systems bring a clear return on investment, let us first look at the benefits of these systems within the modern workplace.

Understanding Your Office

Many forward-thinking businesses who have undertaken a workplace transformation project, may find their decisions are lead in mass by ‘perception data’. This process involves employee or stakeholder workshops, which are often skewed by an individuals preferences in light of their role type or personal choices and not by the facts. At Twisted, we have seen trends following office refurb projects where the design becomes quickly dated, adhering to immediate areas of concern and not fit for long term needs, thus resulting in wasted budgets and dead space in the office where this could be used for better business purposes.

This new sensor tech will empower a business to see data based on how space is being used now as well as continue to monitor as workplaces evolve and employee demands change, enabling companies to adapt in real time to business and employee requirements and maximise ROI from their real estate, which is one of the most significant overheads a modern day business incurs.  

This sensor solution is non-intrusive, anonymised and secured; as well as being GDPR compliant, storing and transmitting no images of occupants.

Be a Workplace Leader

A workplace transformation project is not an easy assignment and one which requires exceptional analytical thinking and significant research and planning. With the application of smart sensors in your building, to monitor your floor and room occupancy will give you the tools to make better and more informed decisions, driven by data. It is not a business that drives change, it’s the people in it, and therefore understanding how they work, what their needs are and how best to support them to achieve their goals is fundamental.

Let the software experts at TwistedPair guide you through the process of this exciting new SaaS offering. The results from access to these softwares, to improve your building management process, will swiftly speak for itself. Ask a member of Twisted for more information on this service for your business:


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