I reached out to Rob, the Twisted Active IT Engineer, who has become an invaluable asset to the TwistedPair group as we find more clients taking a higher and heavier focus of their wireless networks and WiFi technologies, to find out more about this growing trend.

With a passion outside of work founded around ethical hacking, Rob has developed his interests in building secure networks, by taking a proactive approach to computer network installation, that both protect the customer’s investments short and longer-term.

This year, TwistedPair has reached what is the most significant growth period in their history, looking at staff employment alone since the beginning of this year shows a massive 61.2% increase. Another area of maturity within the business is what Twisted call ‘Active IT’; This refers to the integration of computer networks, which includes switches, routers and access points. This business growth led to the employment of Rob Harding, an expert in engineering these solutions, with many years of experience of building and configuring bespoke network systems.

Starting with a bit of background, Rob began by talking about his appetite for ethical hacking, “Ethical hacking, also known as penetration testing, is a great way to understand the mindset of the hacker. This allows for a proactive approach to be taken in identifying where a network or system may be weak or vulnerable. These hackers can duplicate content very quickly and take actions which can be extremely damaging to a company.” He continued, “It is understanding ‘the hacker’ and their methodologies that drive me to install secure networks for clients of TwistedPair.”

To better understand the role of Active IT in business today, it was first essential to know why we are seeing more clients investing in their network infrastructure and the process taken by the team at Twisted.

Rob, whose engineering career began 4-years prior as a Remote Support engineer, said, “Tech in the workplace is advancing all the time. A network isn’t just to support desktop computers anymore; it needs to work across multiple devices; phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, projectors, building management systems and more. Our solutions work to a standard of at least 3-devices per person and allow for anywhere between 10-30% business growth.” Rob highlighted the need for this within modern business operations, “It is just simply not an option ‘these days’ for a business to experience downtime or a network which isn’t operating at an optimum fast-speed.”

Although remote maintenance is an option, these effective ‘Active IT’ solutions are set-up by TwistedPair to run themselves. It is established at the start of a project whether or not new items may be integrated into the network infrastructure, by reviewing the business over four years. This ensures future growth plans are considered and a system designed and configured following this scope.

Rob speaks about his role within TwistedPair, a fast-growing communications firm, “At Twisted, these bespoke solutions can be designed to fit any clients budgets and installed following any pre-existing business standards. We already work with some rather large blue-chip companies, on a global scale; We are totally flexible to meet and surpass a customer’s needs. Also, we like a challenge!”

It is undeniable that our WiFI technologies and Active IT services bring our customers the return on investment they are seeking. Our hyper-growth status, in a highly competitive market, is evident that what we deliver is in no doubt a high-quality service. 

If you are looking for a better-connected workplace, on a ‘small works’ or global integration scale, contact TwistedPair. We will in no time become a communications partner your business can not live without – sales@twistedpair.co.uk.

In case you missed our latest video offering, which shows how our services all seamlessly work together, across multiple disciplines, please watch here – Everythings Connected.

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