We have all experienced the frustrations of system downtime. It is right to be said that in today’s ‘always on’ culture, intermittent problems or a loss of connectivity will undoubtedly affect the productivity of employees and impact business profit. With a support partner like TwistedPair, a business will have access to world-class 24/7 support, which will ensure any maintenance issues to audio-visual equipment are resolved rapidly.


The Benefits of a Service Maintenance Contract with TwistedPair

A maintenance contract offers several advantages for firms who have purchased an AV system integration. Repairs and ongoing ad-hoc maintenance can add up, but a service contract will offset those expenses with a manageable fixed monthly fee and keep your equipment in full working order.

A Twisted service contract will also provide customers with peace of mind should anything go wrong. With the correct support in place, issues will be addressed promptly with minimal effort or strain to the customer and to their in-house IT teams, who may not themselves possess the correct skills to fix these issues as they arise.

Choosing the Right Maintenance Package Fit for Business Needs

Our dedicated support team at TwistedPair are experts in their field, not just in a fast resolution of maintenance matters but also in ensuring that customers have in place the right package for their demands.

We offer three core support and maintenance services, each to equip our customers with the correct level of support for their business. From entry-level ‘business basics’, which offers a guaranteed eight working hour (8-hour) response to critical faults, to ‘preventative‘ action; regular planned visits from a Twisted support engineer to ensure firms avoid bothersome and expensive call-out emergencies. Finally, for those who truly value their technology investments, a recommended choice would be one of our high-performance Service Level Agreement’s, each providing assurances for a guaranteed response and fix-time; twenty-four-hour (24-hour), four-hour (4-hour) and eight-hour (8-hour) response options. TwistedPair can also dispatch an engineer to a customer’s premises when required. 

In the last 6 months, we are proud to say 98% of our maintenance customers received a first response and a resolution to their issue, within their agreed Service Level Agreement. We work extremely hard to ensure we meet the SLAs we have with our customers. The team are well equipped to deal with and resolve issues with minimal fuss, both remotely and on-site, and the service plans we offer are completely flexible; there’s something to suit everyone’s needs.

Bobby Wood, Helpdesk Manager – TwistedPair


Expert Technicians That Understand Bespoke Hardware Systems

Working with a maintenance provider with technicians that know a business and who are familiar with the equipment is beneficial to both parties. A pre-agreed maintenance contract from the start of an AV integration ensures support can be given from the get-go. Teams will not need to waste valuable time learning systems; they will understand precisely what is required and how to prioritise resolution best, ensuring the systems most crucial to a business are fixed first.

Audio-visual equipment is a significant investment for any business, so naturally, people are seeking ways to increase the longevity of their hardware as well as methods to maximise the return on investment of their technology purchases. Our recommendation at Twisted is to stick to a routine maintenance schedule. Regular checks will ensure equipment undergoes thorough inspections designed to seize severe issues before they cause a significant problem. Taking preventative measures provides our customers with confidence that unexpected system failures are not lurking around the corner and give an assurance that everyday business operations will continue at all times at peak efficiency. A by-product of this approach to maintenance is an increase in employee confidence that the technology integrated into everyday business procedures always works and always delivers.

TwistedPair offers an excellent selection of maintenance packages. Some of our clients are huge household names, so if you are not entirely convinced by what you have read here, take a look on our website portfolio or watch this video to see what Twisted is all about and why 80% of our business is repeat.

Our work and commitment to our customers, from integration to supporting a business in maintaining ‘up-time’ speaks for itself. We are the partner you are looking for that will work with you to expand and develop your technology design and capability as your business grows.

For more on our range of service and maintenance contracts, please email us. Alternatively, you can contact the support desk directly on 08000 93 80 60, or visit our website contact page.


Support & Maintenance FAQ:


  • Q – What response times do you offer?
    A – The response times we offer are varied to suit customer needs; 4-hour response is submitted for critical areas, but the usual response time is 8-hours. We also provide a 48-hour response option for those who require.
  • Q – How long are the maintenance contracts?
    A – The contracts we submit are rolling on month by month basis, over 12-months or 3-years.
  • Q – Do you cover parts and loan equipment?
    A – We recommend critical spares are kept on-site by the customer to allow our service technicians to utilise in case of any problems.
  • Q – Do you offer remote intervention?
    A – Yes, we can remote dial-in via a VPN connection onto the customer’s network, or ad hoc using TeamViewer or LogMeIn access.

Please direct any further questions to our support team at support@twistedpair.co.uk.



If you want to learn more about our culture at TwistedPair and what makes us the ‘partner of choice’ to so many high-growth businesses across the globe, check out our latest video instalment here – ‘TwistedPair – Who We Are’.

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