On Sunday, TwistedPair took on the ultimate Rough Runner challenge.

This crusade involved the team running 10k through mud and across water, taking on giant balls, avoiding huge swinging poles and climbing their way to the king of all obstacles, The Travelator.

The team showed endurance, willing and pure grit to reach the finish line, all in aid of raising money for Solent Mind, Twisted’s chosen charity of 2019.

This year TwistedPair has taken extra steps towards supporting the health and wellbeing of employees. This strategy has included working to help beat stigma associated with mental health conditions and striving towards creating a safe and open work environment, where people can talk. This made Solent Mind the perfect charity to support this year. They do some fantastic work in providing a wide range of high-quality services to help people with mental health problems, across the Southern Region.

– Sharon Woods, HR and Office Manager – TwistedPair

It was worth the graft as TwistedPair, joined by partners from Midwich and PeerlessAV, together raised an impressive grand total of £1,458.00.

Everyone left the course in South London feeling a massive sense of achievement and its events like this that really highlight the superb culture at TwistedPair, of hard work and teamwork.




It isn’t just the runners that we must show thanks for, but also to our donators over the last few months. The office bake sales and tech competitions, and the generosity of all our friends and family members who contributed to the grand total – Thank you, all!

We have no idea what next years charity event will be, but there were talks on the coach on the way home of a Tough Mudder. I’m sure the thought of this so close to Sunday will send shivers down the runner’s spines so we’ll have to see on that one… but no doubt, in true TwistedPair style, we will want to go even bigger and even better than the last. It’s just how we roll!

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