You can’t flick on to your LinkedIn profile these days without seeing terms like “Remote Working” and “Business Agility”. This ‘working’ revolution is taking the business world by force as the demand for remote working increases and firms are expected to have suitable plans, tools and infrastructure in place to adhere to this growing and increasingly significant workforce trend.

Are your teams equipped to ‘work from home’?

Today’s current business climate suggests that workplace wellbeing should be at the forefront of working culture, and that includes remote working employees. Awareness around physical and mental health care, while at work, results in a happier, healthier workforce, so education around following the same wellness practices while working at home should be high on your list for rolling out remote working. This plan should include sufficient breaks from screens and desks, seeking opportunities for fresh air and exercise and establishment of suitable homework environments, “Are you equipped for a home office set up and if not, what do you need?” This first port of call will place you on track in building and maintaining a positive workforce.

Have you discussed a suitable approach to work?

For employees who are new to home working, professionals advise line managers or team leaders pre-agree blocks of allocated time for engagement work, i.e. email, Slack and team/group chat, and agree allotted time for deeper based working, which includes work that requires a more in-depth focus. This strategy emulates the best aspects of office-based working and research shows will optimise employee productivity.

Do your staff have access to the right tools to do their jobs at home?

Workplace technology is a vital asset to all remote working staff. Do your employees have access to devices and softwares that allow them to communicate with co-workers and clients at the touch of a button?

We are huge advocates for Zoom Video Communications at TwistedPair. Our workplace culture has been built upon enjoyment, reliable and effective communication with our customers, and agility. With over 65% of our workforce working remotely on a day to day basis, it was essential to bring a VC platform like Zoom into the fold.

Zoom are leaders in modern enterprise video communications. Their cloud-based platform has become our daily life-line for agile working teams to link-up with the office, each other and our globally operating clients.

Access to this multi-dimensional platform has allowed our remote working teams to conduct online meetings and training sessions, no matter where they are in the world at the time. It has also provided our senior leadership team with the tools to host video webinars and town hall meetings with the entire workforce, and helped our project managers to chat and collaborate with clients, with screen and file-sharing capabilities. 

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable way to ensure you stay connected with your teams, clients and offices in real-time, we are a global technology integrator, allow us to bring our agility and know-how to your organisation. Access to the right workplace technology is the most dependable route to a better and more sustainable workplace, so please get in touch –

We’d also like to share with you a video we made on attracting and retaining the workforce of the future – Click here.

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