As a business owner, it can be tricky to distinguish if your COVID-19 communications approach is and was the most efficient way to operate your company during the lockdown. There was little to no time to apply adequate planning in ensuring you have the right comms platform and have suitable security means in place to protect your business now and in the future.

From the start of the lockdown, we have been listening to client anxieties concerning current and post-COVID operation strategies. These worries include how to respond and implement changes quickly, as well as what comes next, with many businesses exploring a 50/50 workplace attendance approach and a gradual shift back to ‘business as usual’.

Our technical team have been available to customers globally throughout and continue to provide advice on making the right decisions to optimise the productivity of teams working at home during Coronavirus, and on choosing the best long term solutions for a workforce and a business post-pandemic. Read our advice below on how to integrate communications for remote teams that will guarantee you are equipped with the tools to operate an agile workforce following the end of lockdown while maintaining business momentum, core efficiency and bring you that all-important return on investment.

Getting started

Let us start at the beginning for those who may be looking to enter this process, or anyone wanting to analyse an existing infrastructure to ensure its suitability and longevity. We will commence with a suitable and robust Virtual Private Network (VPN); however, for the established businesses among us, you will likely have this in place already, so ‘startups’, this is a point for you.

So, you’ve got your VPN, now what? Well, as experts in the integration of workplace communication tools, trust us when we say that choosing the right video conferencing (VC) platform for your workplace is essential to remain agile and optimise business and team performance. There are crucial components one must consider when making this decision.

Choosing the right VC platform

There are many tools available, but to save you reading this blog for the rest of your day, we have narrowed it down to two-big-game-players, Zoom and Microsoft Teams. We have noticed a considerable increase in consumer choice of both of these solutions.

Here is a table to compare Zoom vs Microsoft Teams against key criteria; cost, compatibility and functionality:

It is deserving to note that Zoom has gained an unrivalled reputation as the ‘best bit of kit’ for connecting to conferencing equipment, including wide lens webcams and telecoms, vis-à-vis, modern AV solutions. This smart program will work in harmony across all devices and operating systems, including Linux.

If you are looking to build a more sophisticated communications infrastructure for your business, including the introduction of multi-function spaces, i.e. huddle areas, meeting and boardrooms, then Zoom is an excellent long-term technology investment for you. This will give you the base to allow for future growth.

No matter your chosen route, be sure to follow any recommended security guidance to protect the privacy of your business and make it more difficult for uninvited guests to crash your meetings. 

Our tech team is creating a series of training resources for customers and their teams on video conferencing best practice and how to get the most out of your VC software platform of choice.

In summary, whether you want to host a traditional video meeting for up to 250 people on Teams or connect your staff and equipment at the touch of a button on Zoom, we recommend looking at your current business operations, then at your future plans for growth and development before deciding which tool is right for you.

If you’re considering investing in your business with smart workplace technologies over the next 5 years and would like some further guidance from professionals on where to begin, please get in touch with our tech department for a free consultation. Email quoting ‘TECH-TALK’ for FREE advice you’ll be glad you requested.

As global integrators, our services seamlessly work together to make workplaces better connected across Audio Visual, Data Cabling, Network, Active IT, Voice and WiFi, delivering a consistent user experience for our clients. To fully understand the value of a unified communications strategy and the benefits of using one integrator, please watch our video here on how ‘Everythings Connected’.

Join us, we are better together –

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