TwistedPair are one of the first integrators to receive the MXA710 by Shure to test! Here’s how the Shure microphone can improve your workplace communications:

Stay Connected and Improve Collaboration

The Linear Array Microphone is the perfect solution for your AV workplace environment. Collaboration in your conference rooms can be enhanced through Autofocus™ technology which captures high quality and echo-free audio. The intuitive LED mute sync functionality is compatible with leading collaboration software providers such as Zoom Rooms, Cisco and Microsoft Teams.

Sleek Design

With the MXA710, your workplace does not have to choose between sound and design. Whether it’s on the meeting room table, on the wall or ceiling, the slim and sleek design of the MXA710 allows for flexibility in any meeting room. 


Increase security and prevent eavesdropping in your workplace with Shure Audio Encryption in the MXA710. Confidential content can be protected without compromising your audio. 

Hear from Greg, our Twisted Audio Expert & Design Engineer:

“We are really fortunate to have our hands on the MXA710! It’s a beautiful looking microphone and it’s a Shure product, a brand which we all know and love! It’s really impressive because as far as vocal quality goes it’s doing a really fantastic job at making everything sound as natural as possible. It’s pretty cool and we are very lucky to have our hands on such a great piece of kit!”

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