The volume of data that is created worldwide is expected to double in the next four years [1]. Therefore, the need for workplace technology that is driven by innovation and data is essential for the future. Lucas, the Technical Team Manager at TwistedPair shares the importance of using data-driven design in the workplace.


  • Smarter Decision Making

Operational efficiency in your workplace can be increased through smarter decisions that are based on data. However, it has been found that 40% of businesses are not making data-driven decisions [2]. Through data-driven technology, real-time workplace analytics can be collected to guide your business strategies and actions. As a result your business can create more cost effective solutions that fulfill your customers and staff needs. 

  • Faster Networks

Data processing speeds and bandwidth are ever increasing across the globe. Whether your employees are working remotely or in the office, faster networks are needed to maximise their productivity. Data-driven design in your workplace will offer a dedicated bandwidth and a strong, secure and fast connection to make sure that your employees are always ‘better connected’. And with modern AV solutions being increasingly network-dependent, you can be safe in the knowledge that you have future-proofed for future expansion. Through private network management portals, workplaces can measure the usage of devices and gather information about their network connections.

  • Collaboration and Communication

Collaborate effectively and seamlessly with data-driven tools that increase communication and integration in your workplace. 30% of internal operations are meetings [3] therefore, innovative cloud based models like Zoom meeting rooms and wireless solutions are essential to increase workplace optimisation. In 2020, 48% of businesses use workloads in the cloud [4]. Storing your data in a cloud solution ensures that documents are backed up and can be accessed in real time. Remote team working can be encouraged through files stored in the cloud via the internet and can be protected through a private cloud platform to increase cost efficiencies and security. Data driven design can be enhanced through collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, or Slack to ensure that workplaces can work together productively wherever your employees are.

  • Agility and Flexibility

In the ever changing workplace environment, you can reduce your setup times with wireless solutions to keep your teamwork flowing and remove the restrictions of wired connections or fixed workstation set up. Cost effective smart technology ensures that you are using your office space effectively and maximising your workplace performance. As workplaces grow and become more complex, data-driven design is essential to provide your employees with the choice and flexibility that they need so that they can achieve their goals in a way that suits them. 

Why TwistedPair?

One of our cultural values at TwistedPair is to provide data-driven solutions to our customers to make workplaces across the globe ‘better connected’. Our technical expertise and innovation has allowed us to become the chosen Technology Partner to expanding and inspiring companies. In addition, we offer 24/7 global support and maintenance to ensure that your business can communicate effectively and work efficiently.

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