International women’s day displays support for women’s equality across the world and celebrates female achievements. As a globe, we are now moving towards a society in which stereotypes are challenged and equality, inclusion and diversity are “expectations”. 

A recent study has found that only 5% of women in the technology sector are in leadership positions (1). Furthermore, the IWD Women in Workplace Report demonstrates that only 24% of senior managers in the IT and telecommunications industry are women (2). At TwistedPair, we work towards creating an inclusive and diverse culture that benefits our employees in the technology and telecommunications sector.

38% of senior leadership positions at TwistedPair are held by women. Additionally, almost half of project managers at TwistedPair are female.

Hear from Sharon Woods, Twisted’s HR & Office Manager:

Twisted work towards creating a gender-balanced workforce in a sector in which women are unrepresented. Our culture ensures that our employees are given equal opportunities and that our team reflects the world’s diversity. If you’re interested in a career in this sector then go for it!


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