Have you prepared your workplace for the return to work? As lockdown ends and we begin to return to the office after nearly a year, companies are faced with the challenge of adapting the workplace into a safe environment to help deliver business as usual and prepare for the future.

The pandemic has created a huge shift towards hybrid working therefore, investing in your workplace technology is essential to manage anxiety, productivity and burnout. Twisted shares some of the ways that technology can support your business, to create an office that employees are confident and happy to return to.

Manage your occupancy levels

With smart workplace intelligence sensors in your office, employee numbers can be counted to ensure that social distancing requirements are met in every workspace; from floors, rooms or single desks. Twisted partners with world-class brands such as Utelogy and VergeSense to offer solutions that are non-invasive and allow businesses to adapt their workplace design to fit the needs of their employees. These solutions are dynamic and can offer real-time information as a business’s workplace requirements change, allowing for data-driven decision making for future business needs. The virtual dashboard means that multiple employees can manage the office numbers and allow for activity based working.

Manage building access 

An unmanned reception area can manage your building access securely, while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. With the implementation of technologies such as Envoy, an all-in-one visitor management and tablet sign-in software, guests can sign-in on their own personal devices, without the requirement of touching a communal iPad.

Implement technologies that increase health & safety

In-room technology control can be used to replace the common interface in a workplace for example, voice activated technology such as Alexa or Google can be used to activate lights. Furthermore, door access controls such as Brivo, remove the risk of contamination by enabling door admittance from an access key card on a mobile device in which motorised doors open automatically on acceptance. In-room technologies provide employees with the ability to interact with their workspace, like they would at home. Additionally, digital signage in the workplace can be used to communicate key information, clearly and interactively.

Effectively collaborate

Collaboration over video conferencing platforms is now a very familiar concept after the pandemic, yet it is essential that we continue to use these platforms prior to and during the return to work, as more employees adopt hybrid working. Your return to work plan should be well documented and clearly communicated to employees, so that they understand the precautions being taken and what is expected from them.

If you would like to talk to one of Twisted’s technical experts about the best technical solutions for the return to work, please email: sales@twistedpair.co.uk


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