Workplace Design Services

Our agile and flexible approach to workplace technology allows us to become an extension of our client’s team and the technology partner of choice. Our technical team of experts have years of experience within the workplace technology sector. What we advise now will still be suitable in years to come, future proofing the investments of our clients.

Custom System Design

Aimed at helping you to sort the basics. A Custom System Design will allow you to discuss with our team your existing investment (such as your backbone IT infrastructure), your aspirations for the workplace design and the user experience when engaging with the technology. Every workplace has complex layers of stakeholders and understanding the needs of each of these then drives Twisted’s team of experts in designing a solution that not only meets but exceeds our customers’ expectations. 

As a multi-service provider, Twisted can offer a full service across Audio Visual, Data Cabling, Network and Voice to customers embarking on new workplace projects.

Analysis and Design

Once we have been contracted by the client, the analysis and design process is handled by our in-house team of technical designers who will connect the dots between world-class workplace technology brands. This work is completed in conjunction with procurement activities to ensure we adhere to the demands of project deadlines.

First & Second Fix

We begin projects with the first fix enabling works which are located within or attached to the fabric of the building including floors, ceilings and walls. Upon completion of first fix works, we can begin the second fix works, which include the termination and presentation of all installed cables and the integration of all active hardware, including: switches, controllers and digital signal processors. Once the physical side is taken care of, we then do what we do best and get technical! This part of the project includes the configuration and programming of the clients technology solutions to offer a simple and seamless user experience.

Acceptance Testing, Commissioning & Training

The Site Acceptance Testing of any installed systems is performed based on the procedures approved by the client. All user applications are tested in real-time, showing our clients physical and logical integrity and any shortcomings are noted and resolved quickly before a retesting phase can begin. All systems are offered for demonstration to the client representatives, leading to successfully trained and happy end users. The final stage is to issue a report of the overall system to show a fully operational status, and to confirm that it complies with all client requirements and standards.

Service & Maintenance at Twisted

System downtime, lost connectivity and intermittent problems can impact your employees, customers and profitability. But with Twisted as your support partner, you can avoid this and get issues resolved rapidly with our 24/7 support. You can put your trust in us.

A Technology Partner and One Point of Contact

For projects where Twisted personnel do not have reach, during the design phase, we will define whether we are required to interface with other supplier services and provide details of the connections required. As technical experts, Twisted will oversee all projects that our partners carry out and will ensure that all other trades and teams follow Twisted’s processes and standards to guarantee business excellence. Our strong relationship with our partners and this level of communication is essential.

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